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Toja Grid

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Pergolas create outdoor spaces that are open, spacious and beautiful. They also provide privacy for various areas, including patios, porches, gardens, or even spas!

Why Install a Pergola?

  • Create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere in your outdoor space.
  • Entertain comfortably with your Oklahoma pergola.
  • Spend hours relaxing.

We Do It All!

Choose the style of pergola that fits your needs and budget. You could install a pergola yourself, but why bother when we can handle everything for you?

Our team can do more than assemble your oasis. We will take care of the electrical and concrete for you as well.

As you can see, our Toja Grid Pergolas are available in different sizes and shapes.

Toja Grid


With a simple approach to style and design, our DIY Modular Pergola and Bracket system accommodates any size, space or budget with endless possibilities.


Our materials and manufacturing practices ensure quality craftsmanship and are built to last with brackets made in Canada.


Toja Grid connects in many ways, and because of its modularity, it allows you to add-on or replace wood and maintain brackets instead of replacing the entire system.


Fast and easy assembly, roughly
60 minutes per section, with no special tools required. Just add lumber!


Built to last with high-quality steel covered in weather-resistant coatings.

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